Esports Weekly News: Next Metal League X Round and Colosseum Results!

  • 20 / 11 / 2020

Hello Metal Gladiators!


Metal League X – South America is reaching the final stage of its Regular Season. Last Saturday we had the matches of Round 5. Check the results:

  • Rumerus Rasta 2×0 Road Warriors
  • Road Fury 0x2 Hati Blue
  • Rumerus Faca 0x2 Rock N Roll
  • Rumerus Chinela 1×1 Rumerus Bala

The matches were broadcast on our YouTube and Twitch channel.


This week, on the same channels at 18h GMT+1, you can check out Round 6 on Saturday with the following matches:

  • 18h – Rumerus Rasta x Road Fury
  • 19h30 – Rumerus Chinela x Hati Blue
  • 21h – Rumerus Faca x Rumerus Chinela
  • 22h30 – Rock N Roll x Road Warriors


And on Sunday we will have the games of Round 7 that will define the final classification:

  • 18h – Rock N Roll x Road Fury
  • 19h30 – Rumerus Faca x Road Warriors
  • 21h – Rumerus Chinela x Rumerus Rasta
  • 22h30 – Rumerus Bala x Hati Blue


For more information about Metal League X – South America, just check out the official Tournament page.


Also, the Colosseum, our new weekly Tournament, which takes place every Sunday at HMM, is still going on. Players of all levels can participate and all matches grant double the Fame. The winners of the Beginner division earn additional Fame, whereas the winners of the Veteran division also win an exclusive Prestige Badge. Click here to learn more about the Colosseum.

Check out the winners from last week:

Colosseum South America

  • Veteran – Hati Blue


See you in the Arena!