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New machine concept: Cheetah.
Description: An interceptor that can drift around enemies making them dizzy.
Pilot's appearance: She'd be a Cheetah zoomorph who would be the same age as Stingray. And would sound very outgoing.
Machine's appearance: Something like this but would be yellow and have cheetah spots.
Lore: Yuri Spotrunner always loved drifting through the streets of the City Of Manfall cause she looks up to Stingray and hopes to be just like him someday!
One day while she was racing, something or someone blew her left rear tire out and she almost crashed if it weren't for her pro driving skills. Stingray witnessed this and after helping fix Yuri's tire, invited her to the arena for some real racing action! (The one who blew out her tire was FMJ)
Passive: Flexible. Yuri is constantly drifting whenever she turns. This comes in handy when dodging attacks.
Q: Thunder Zap. Releases a lightning bolt from the machine dealing damage to enemies.
W: Spoiler Alert! The wing on the rear of her machine extends itself damaging enemies who touch it.
E: Peel Out. Yuri slams the gas and leaps forward. But if the E key is held down, she brakes and does a burnout without moving. When released, she leaves skid marks on the ground which slow down enemies.
R: She enters a drifting frenzy and begins slicing at her enemies which deals immense damage.

Cheetah pilot..jpg

OIP (4).jpg

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