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New machine concept: Shadow Knight.
Description: An interceptor that has impressive armor and reduces damage.
Pilot's appearance: He'd be a Knight in shining armor and would carry a sword, shield, and mace. (He'd also speak in a medieval voice with a echo)
Machine's appearance: A medieval looking car that would be shaped like a tank and has a helmet modeled canopy.
Lore: Sent from an unknown kingdom on the outskirts of Metal City to battle in the arena and learn the secrets of the sect, this knight will prove to his king and queen that he will succeed! He also respects Artificer who helped him build his machine centuries ago and sees the potential in Stingray to become a noble warrior.
Passive: Forged armor. Made from the Metal kingdom workshops, the armor on his machine reduces damage by 15%.
Q: Cannonball. Fires three cannonballs from the three cannons on the front of his machine dealing low damage to enemies.
W: Mace swing. Swings his mace at enemies dealing medium damage and pushing them to the sides.
E: Ride into battle! SK surges forward pointing his sword and damages nearby enemies.
R: Catapult toss. A catapult comes out from the machine's rear and throws a fireball at enemies dealing high damage and burning them.  


Shadow Knight pilot..jpg

Shadow knight machine..jpg


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