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The raven takes flight!

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New machine concept: Raven Lord.
Description: An Interceptor that's the complete opposite of Black Lotus.
 Pilot's appearance: He would wear a black hood with a cloak and would have feathers on his outfit.
Machine's appearance: A bird styled race car complete with a raven head on the front and would have six wheels.
Lore: A racer who Black Lotus killed during a race because of his questionable motives returns from the dead as a vengeful spirit with the powers of a raven enters the arena to seek payback. 
Passive: Spirit of the raven. whenever he attacks a enemy with his Q he gets a temporary speed boost for his E.
Q: Night Shadow. Sends out a projectile of black matter that deals low damage.
W: My feathered friend. Summons a pet raven that attacks enemies but whenever the raven gets hit it automatically disappears.
E: The raven takes flight! Two enormous raven wings appear on both sides of his machine which propel him forward.
R: Talons of the raven. Raven Lord flies up and two big talons appear from below his machine which can grab enemies and crush them.

Raven Lord pilot..jpg

Raven Lord machine..jpg



Edited by demolisher
Wanted to differ him from Black Lotus.

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