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I've got hot lava flow!

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New Machine Concept: Meltdown.
Description: An enemy melting transporter.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a fireman but his face would be so burnt that all you can see is his skull.
Machine's appearance: A Burnt down fire truck with a magma cannon on top.
Lore: A former member of the MCFD (Metal City Fire Department.) Goes violently psychotic after his partner was killed in a accident while rescuing people from a burning building
He now fights in the arena to avenge his fallen comrade.
Passive: Magma Glow. Whenever enemies get too close they get burnt for 15 damage.
Q: Magma shot. Shoots a Ball of Magma out at enemies dealing low damage. (When it lands where there's no enemies it instead splatters enemies that are near.)
W: Molten wall. Creates walls out of molten rock on both sides of his machine protecting himself from enemy fire.
E: Lava trail. Accelerates forward leaving a trail of hot lava behind which not only damages enemies but can heal him for 15%.
R: 5 alarm eruption. Aims his magma cannon up and then shoots magma streams everywhere dealing high damage to all enemies.

Meltdown Pilot..jpg


Meltdown machine..png


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