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Taking flight!

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New Machine Concept: Whirlwind.
Description: A transporter who can push away enemies with ease while delivering the bomb.
Pilot's appearance: She would be in a avian motif suit complete with wings on her helmet, and would have a long ponytail.
Machine's appearance: It would be a Lotus Exige with a giant fan in the back.
Lore: A pilot who follows the winds to the arena so she can live up to her deceased uncle's name.
Passive: Gentle Breeze. Her fan is always spinning which heals allies.
Q: Blown away. Spins her fan rapidly pushing enemies back and dealing damage.
W: Cloud coverage. Summons a cloud around her machine which protects her from enemy fire.
E: Wingspan. Two wings extend from the sides of her machine and she rotates her fan backwards which propelles her forward.
R: Cyclone. Summons a gigantic cyclone which deals immense damage and throws enemies back.   

Whirlwind pilot..png


Whirlwind machine..jpg

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