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New machine concept: Mystikill.
Description: An Interceptor which confuses enemies instead of dealing damage.
Pilot's appearance: She would be a feline zoomorph wearing a magician's outfit and would wear a mask.
Machine's appearance: It would be a van with banners a cape and catlike headlights.
Lore: Elvina otherwise known as Ms Mystery is famous magician from the City of Manfall who loves to put on magic shows for her fans!
She has a HUGE fanbase dedicated to her. Why? "Because i'm amazing!" she would say. But one day during one of her shows Killer J and his gang showed up and trashed it with illegal fireworks they stole.
Enraged Elvina fought off them one by one, and Killer J was so scared he escaped! This heroic action caught the eye of the Metal Herald who rewarded her with the symbol of the sect of metal.
Elvina was so exited and happy she rushed off to Metal City and entered the arena so she could continue her shows and make her enemies disappear!

Passive: Magician's assistant. Whenever Mystikill touches an ally vehicle she picks them as her "Volunteer" boosting their weapon damage by 10%.
1st ability: Pixie Blast. Mystikill shoots a sparkling projectile forward dealing damage.
2nd ability: Trump card. Similar to Dirt Devil's 2nd ability she lays down 3 cards on the ground not only dealing damage but disabling the enemies' weapons for 7s.
3rd ability: Illusion. Elvina opens her van's doors which release a stream of smoke boosting her forward and blinding enemies.
Ult: Now I disappear! When activated Elvina vanishes into thin air for 5s then reappears instantly destroying all enemies nearby.  

Mystikill pilot..png






Edited by demolisher
Changed the machine cuz i copied phelx.

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