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New machine concept: Splashdown
Description: A transporter that skilled in pushing enemies away with water.
Pilot's appearance: He would wear sunglasses, fingerless gloves and water shoes.
Machine's appearance: it would be a hovercraft with wave decals, and a Enormous fan.
Lore: Chase Cooper is one of Metal City's best surfers who's never afraid of any wave!

One day while he was surfing a flyer for the metal arena hit him in the face and he fell off his board.
Recovering he read the flyer and gladly accepted!
Now he makes waves in the arena making his enemies slip and slide!
Passive: Water cushion. Bounces enemy projectiles back at them.
1st ability: Hydroblast. Sprays water at his enemies in a manor of a power hose dealing low damage and causing enemies to slip.
2nd ability: Blown away. Pushes enemies back with the giant fan on the back of his hovercraft.
3rd ability: Surf's up dude! Accelerates forward leaving a trail of water which when enemies drive over slip.
Ult: Leviathan. Summons a giant wave which deals high damage and makes enemies slip when hit.


Splashdown pilot..png


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