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  1. Harkness answer is there: https://steamcommunity.com/app/331360/discussions/0/135512133547556612/
  2. Thats what i was thinking. Sorry that I cant good express my thoughts and my english language is limited/ restricted / confined . I try to communicate as best I can. According to me, the attention should be applied to the events related to the bomb, so that even a newbie was directed to the appropriate action by sounds and visuals.
  3. Nah, this dont change a gameplay, everyone is trying to take bomb before enemy do that. I think suggestions given by Harkness (devs) r good as they r and can do a game much more fun (it can be much more fun?!). More importantly, will depend more on skill than luck - positive change in my opinion.
  4. Hmm... maybe Practice Mode should not be multiplayer. For me its more for testing things (trying car-skills, upgrades etc) not a really play and I many times exit it until its ending.
  5. Practice Mode is not solo play. Game is searching other players to play with You. Mostly dont find them but sometimes it does. Thats why there is leaver penalty in Practice Mode. About the rest, well, we must wait for update patching bugs and glitches i think.
  6. I know what U mean but this game is not about killing, its about bomb delivery so visuals and sound should relate to what is happening with the bomb and bomb-carrier. If U kill bomb-carrier visual and sound reward should be more powerfull to rush more adrenaline. Maybe commentator voice need to be more violence/aggresive when bomb is dropped etc. When carrier with bomb getting near to finishing-line there should be some kind of sound (ex: beep... beep... beep... beep beep beep beeeeeep!) just to pump up emotions.
  7. Game is still in beta stage, there r problems and bugs. Creators of this awesome game knows about disconnect issue. Let us hope that they resolve this problem as soon as possible. EDIT: Much more community write/read here --> https://steamcommunity.com/app/331360/discussions/
  8. Its good game, it needs more players. When You click "play" button on right bottom side of screen You can find "region" button. Hit it and try play in other regions to find players. On Europe is much more gamers to play with. ps. srry for my bad English language.
  9. Tutorial wont start too, infinite "Loading" screen only. I'm from Europe if it matters (i dont know where r servers). Edit: Problem is in Europe server. When i changed region to North America practice mode started normally. Region can be changed after hit "Play" button, option is on right-down of screen.
  10. Same here but i'm solo. No quene, just "Waiting for players". Edit: Practice mode dont work too.
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