Get to know the captain of Roadkill, the champion team of the Metal League!

Roadkill was the champion team of the Metal League. Now it’s time to find out what their captain has to tell us about the victory they achieved in the South American server.


1) What is the history behind Roadkill? How did you discover HMM and decided to build this team?

Initially me – Birikita – started to play Heavy Metal Machines in June 2017 after watching a video from “BRKsEDU” on YouTube, this was near the first championship in Europe made by Hoplon. At that time, I was thinking about playing competitively, but I had to move to another city, and I needed to play only in a casual way. Only after the South American championship – in mid-October – that I returned to play HMM to take part competitively. That was the  time I met Netto, a member of the team, both of us played in the old Wolf Team Fire. Netto started to play HMM in early August 2017 after watching a video from “Zigueira” on YouTube, and since then, he began to find teams to take part competitively. After Hoplon’s South American Championship, the LinE-Sports made some championships also in the SA server, and by that time we met the other teammates: Corvo, Thuglife_OG, and pottrim mindfreak. Corvo and pottrim mindfreak started to play after their friends suggested the game. Thuglife_OG saw an advertise on YouTube and then decided to play. After that championship by LinE-Sports, Netto and I wanted to build a new team […], and it was when we started to chat with other teammates that were thirsty for victories. After all of them accepted this new team, we were only missing a name to represent us, and nothing is better than a great metaphor of what we used to do in the arena: kill on the road – in this case, the arena. Roadkill came to express precisely what we did – and still doing it.


2) What was the thing you most enjoyed – and still love – in HMM, and what made you all continue to play for almost 2 years?

We love the game even by its style and also for creativity, bringing multiple genres into only one, in a pleasant way. What kept the team still playing together for almost 2 years was the fact that we created the team to improve ourselves, and the growth of the competition made us keep playing. 


3) Roadkill showed good results on community championships, was the only South American team in the European playoffs, and won 4 stages of the Qualifiers in this Metal League, achieving the trophy at the end. What is the secret of all this success?

First of all, it’s the synchrony of the team. We played together for almost 2 years, and that made a lot of difference. During all this time, we got to know each other better and time after time we improved our communication. Another important factor was our training. We trained a lot, and we were always looking for improvement. And last but not least, the team is powered by the will to win. If you are looking for five competitive players, this team is full them.


4) You started the Best of 3 in the final with a loss in the first match for Hati Blue, and saved the bomb twice right at the goal line in the second match when the game was 2×2. Those plays could confirm the victory to the other team, but you were able to turn it around. How did you feel in such an exciting final match and chose a “weird” strategy for a significant part of the community?

Throughout the Qualifiers, the team Hati Blue used a composition several times, and we wanted to win to show that an unbeatable arrangement doesn’t exist. This way, in the first 2 matches, we let them pick their most used cars to have very sharp games. Even losing the first one, in the second match, we could win. A great point of our team was that our communication and our synergy improves when we are under pressure. In the third match, we decided to take the enemies out of their comfort zone, and it was also a great game. Our “weird” strategies serve only to show that it is possible to build a diverse compositions beyond the usual ones […], and we succeeded on it.


5) What was the sensation and your reaction on Saturday when you all won the competition and took home the R$6.000 prize ?

To feel the victory was gratifying. We were expecting anxiously for an official championship in Hoplon’s South American server since we built the team. After almost two years together, all this waiting worth it.


6) What will you do with the prize?

Our idea is to use the prize to improve our computers and then keep playing in better quality.


7) Will we see Roadkill in the NA Metal League this next season? If yes, how will be the arrangement to play again and compete in a foreign server? And now, in a more similar level to  the Europeans?

Surely Roadkill will take part in the NA Metal League! I hope it’ll be more challenging than now, both South Americans and Europeans can play with a similar ping.


8) What is your tip for players who are joining the game now and want to assemble a competitive team, and then one day earn money playing HMM as well?

Get in touch in the HMM’s official channel. The best way to create a team is taking part in the community. Practice against bots and other new players beyond playing custom matches. If you have any questions, drop us a line in our Discord! The community is really open and will always help new players! If still in doubt, feel free to send a private message to Roadkill! We’ll solve your questions whenever it’s possible.


Nice right? Next Metal League starts on August 10th, start practicing right now!