Ranked Mode: the competition has reached the next level!

The Ranked Mode is arriving in Metal City.

This feature adds a new queue to the game, beyond the regular one. Upon playing it, your matches will count towards your individual score, which will compose your rank.

There are 3 divisions – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – and a special division known as Heavy Metal. The last one is made of top 10 players in the Ranked Mode. Each regular division has 5 subdivisions – V, IV, III, II, and I.


The ranked mode will be held in seasons. And this first season starts on 24/07/2019 and goes to 10/12/2019. 

There will be a Ranking available in the game, where you can check your position, your friends’ positions, and the score of the best 30 players in the general ranking.


Ok, I got it. But how will the Ranked Mode work?

To join this mode you, first of all, will need to play at least 5 matches – custom matches don’t count. You can play ranked as a single player or duo to join a 4×4 match. The ranked queue will be available on specific periods (there’ll be an in-game schedule to inform the players), and the matches will be played on Metal God or Temple of Sacrifice arenas.

When you join ranked for the first time, your first 10 matches will work as placement matches, which will place you in your first division.

Each division has 1.000 ranking points with 200 points of each subdivision. Considering this information, you also keep in mind that there are two different rules to get rewards at the end of the season. At the end of each ranking season, you’ll win exclusive in-game prizes according to the highest division you’ve reached during the period. The second rule is about the Heavy Metal division. You’ll only receive this division’s rewards if, by the end of the season, you are not demoted to lower divisions.


The Ranking tiebreaker uses the following rules:

  1. Ranking points
  2. Win rate
  3. Number of victories


And be careful, players flagged as AFK lose ranking points 2x more than a regular defeat.

In the end, your rewards, according to the division, will be:

Bronze Division Rewards

  • Spray: Bronze Badge
  • Emote: Bronze Badge


Silver Division Rewards

  • Spray: Silver Badge
  • Emote: Silver Badge
  • Wildfire’s Special Model


Gold Division Rewards

  • Spray: Gold Badge
  • Emote: Gold Badge
  • Wildfire’s Special Model


Heavy Metal Division Rewards

  • Spray: Heavy Metal Badge
  • Emote: Heavy Metal Badge
  • Wildfire’s Special Model


The ranking is global, and the matches have free entry, but the feature will be available at different times according to the servers. You can play on every server but keep in mind that you may experience a difference of ping and language to talk to other players.


North American Region

  • Monday to Friday, from 00h to 03h UTC-0
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 20h to 02h UTC-0


South American Region

  • Monday to Friday, from 22h to 01h UTC-0
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 18h to 00h UTC-0


European Region

  • Monday to Friday, from 16h to 19h UTC-0
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 12h to 18h UTC-0


To play ranked matches, you will need only to click on “Play” in the main menu and then select the option “Ranked”. 


We hope to see you at the TOP 10 players!