METAL PARTNER – Become a Heavy Metal Machines Influencer

What’s up, Metal Gladiators?


There’s a new opportunity around to help us spread the word of Metal! We’re proud to present you the Metal Partner, a partner program especially made for our streamers community, building and growing both audiences and also earning some rewards by partnering with us.


But how does this partnership work?

Influencers and content creators will have benefits to their channels, customized technical support with assets and gifts to create giveaways for the audience. We will have a progressive system, encouraging the streamer to keep producing in the channel, earning more benefits on each step of this continuous growth.

We know it’s hard to grow a community alone. And because of this, we’ll make an effort on our side to offer exposure to the channel. On Google, Facebook, VK, YouTube, and in the in-game news window, we’ll show your content about Heavy Metal Machines to our audience.


What do I need to take part in the Metal Partner program?

To take part in this program, you must have a YouTube channel, Twitch channel, or other platforms, and also play Heavy Metal Machines. It doesn’t matter if you started playing a long time ago or today. So, if you want to start playing today, download the game here and get ready.

We scratch your back, and you scratch ours. In other words, the only thing we’ll ask streamers in this first moment is to allow us to create content with the best moments of these streams.

Details about the rewards and general orientations will be provided by our Community Managers after the registration when you will be invited to join an exclusive Discord server with the other Metal Partner streamers. If you’re interested in our Metal Partner, send us an email to, and fill it with your channel link, Steam nickname, Discord nickname, Skype, and a second email address if you have it. If you have any questions about it, our Community Managers are available to answer you in our Discord channel.


See you in the arenas!