3 Quick Topics on Metal League

Hi Metal Gladiators,

  • We want to inform that the data from the Metal League’s General Ranking occurs every 3 minutes, accounting all matches that were ended during that period. Thus, there’s no need to worry if you don’t see any changes on your team’s ranking right after a match.
  • The RiG Team (Roses in Garden) was deleted by mistake by its leader. The team leader talked to our Russian CM (T-Bone) and we give them back their position and points. Now they have a new name: Moon Watchers, and their captain is still the same.
  • We have a report about a player who played for two different teams on the same Stage. We understand that our rules were made to allow changing players freely between teams until Stage 6. However, we also understand how having the same player in two different teams on the same stage could be unfair. For this Metal League edition, we will keep as it is since we already had two stages with these rules. We will review it for the next season.


Should you have any questions, contact us on the Support page