Metal League – Points Earned Per Stage

Hello, Metal Gladiators,

We are here to make sure that you genuinely have chances to qualify for the playoffs even if you start competing on the Metal League right now, and for you veterans that are already competing, keep going knowing that you are on the right path.

So, the most important question is: How do the points work and how is it possible to join the tournament anytime and anywhere? Let us clarify that:

  1. Anywhere because it’s open to all regions. This edition is held in the South American server, but everyone has a chance to get on board. On the next season, it will move to another region.
  2. At Any stage, we are very comfortable to use this word because we are committed to creating a tournament that our veterans can participate and have a good experience in balanced matches, and also for the new teams (hello guys you are very welcome here), so they can engage and have a real chance to win. Let us prove how:

On the Metal League, you can compete and earn points on every stage to qualify for the playoffs even after the season begin.

This is possible because the points given on each stage are progressive. In other words, as the stages go on, the points increase gradually. For example, the points earned on the third stage are 200% higher than the first stage.

Another good example is a team that has played only the last two stages and finish it in 1st place may qualify with the best position (with 40% more points) than a team that has played only the first four stages of the season and finished all of them in 1st place.

Below, a graph that shows the progression of points for each Metal League stage:

So, let us help you to find a team on our Discord channel, it will be easier than you imagine!

Heavy Metal Machines Team