Metal League recap: everything about the qualifiers #1

Hello, Metal Gladiators

How are you enjoying the Metal League this far? We are loving to see you all mobilizing and gathering in teams to play it! We’ve been through 2 weeks and a lot of amazing matches has rolled out.

Let’s do a quick recap?

Starting with the rakings. The top 8 teams so far are:

  1. NEON 70 points (Russia)  
  2. MSA 65 points  (Europe mix)
  3. OLD_ 51 points (Russia)
  4. RiG 39 points (Russia)
  5. IN.E 38 points (Russia)
  6. HBES 28 points (Brazil)
  7. BtSy 26 points (Russia)
  8. BA-D 23 points (Europe mix)

By the way, we made one special video to recap everything with all the class of Saramantis


Now, to show the emotions of the Metal League, we prepared two matches for you all.

This first one, the IN.E faces the RiG, brought to you by our community manager Matthew Bosko:


On this one, the OLD play against AG, check it out:



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I’ll see you in the arenas!🤘