Patch Notes (10/01/2019) – Version 2.06.966

Some minor bug fixes have arrived in Heavy Metal Machines. Take notes and learn here about what our studio implemented in the game.

We made a bug fix in the Stargazer’s teleport during the start line. Our community reported that the pilot was going to “wrong places” if activated. Now, this is fixed.

Let’s keep the teleport nice and clean 🙂

We made another fix in the Icebringer’s model ‘Cryonic Effect’.  Some colors used to change between the pick and the during the match.

Lastly, we corrected some VFX prices in the store, in cash:

  • Thunder Strike!: 200 to 300
  • Rocket Incoming!: 200 to 300
  • Let’s Rock!: 200 to 250
  • Angel: 200 to 300


Stay tuned for the next update and follow our social media.


See you in the arena!