The year began, and along with it, the Heavy Metal Machines events season! In HMM 2019 KICK-OFF, whoever follows the rules and completes 20 matches inside the event’s period will earn an exclusive themed new year’s portrait.

The event begins at 00:00 UTC on 15/01 and ends at 23:59 UTC on 28/01. So, there’s enough time to complete 20 matches, especially because the average time of a match is 7 minutes. Ok?

So, let’s jump to the most important: have lunch! No, I’m kidding, let’s cover the rules first:

  • The matches are to be played exclusively in the casual mode. Custom matches won’t count in this event.
  • It doesn’t matter the final score. Win it or lose it, it counts.
  • Also, we don’t mind if you’re in a group or not.
  • We’ll only count matches inside the period of the event.
  • We got our eyes on AFK players, alright? If you are flagged as AFK at any moment, the match won’t count.

As soon as you sum 20 matches, sit tight (and keep playing to have fun, of course). On 29/01 we’ll deliver the event’s rewards for those who accomplished it!

Good luck, Metal Gladiators! Metal God bless you!


Let’s rock 2019! Soon fresh news will be posted here