Patch Notes (02/01/2019) – Version 2.05.956

What’s up, Metal Gladiators!

This is Stingray and I’m here to wish you all a great 2019! May you all become Metal Legends this year 😀

I have some great news for all of you, including the new players. We have a new version of the Training being launched today. First of all, I will be with you throughout the whole process. You’ll drive my amazing machine. Just like a driver’s license, this Training is mandatory for new players — Veterans won’t be taken to it, but are welcome to visit as well. Of course, you can skip it, but I definitely recommend doing the tutorial.

I’ll give you 4 missions to teach the basics of Heavy Metal Machines. Here they are:

  1. Drive the machine to the objective so you learn how to accelerate and move around;
  2. Destroy one enemy. In this case, you will be able to kill Little Monster who’s carrying the bomb — Don’t worry, she won’t cause you any harm;
  3. Retrieve the bomb and accelerate to the final line;
  4. Throw the bomb to finish the round.

Great job! Pretty quick, right? I hope you all enjoy the new Training with me 🙂

There are some other stuff being implemented, such as the weapon description screen — a.k.a the “F1 Screen”. When you press “F1” in a match, you will see details about that pilot’s weapon. Let me show you how mine looks like now:

As you can see, there are details of damage and all those numbers you love 🙂

What about this new feature at the beginning of the round? It will grab your attention and make you see exactly where you are at and which is your machine. By the way, the Instructor also received some adjustments to explain everything to the new players better.

Last but not least, the Metal Xmas event came to an end and the prices are back to what they were.

Hey, cheer up, you still have one month to get the season 2 of the Metal Pass Premium!

See you in the arena!