Heavy Metal Cup Event starts this week

It is football season!

Everyone is now wearing the colors of their home or favorite nations. In Heavy Metal Machines, we also have a season to celebrate football: The Heavy Metal Cup Event. On this special event, we are going to have multiple events during the period, from 14 of June to 17 of July.

Bomb skin

During this season, we’ll have an exclusive skin for the bomb and it’s going to look like a football ball!!!

5 Exclusive Skins

Hell yeah! We’ll have 5 exclusive skins for you to get only during this event, check them out:

Wildfire: she will fire everything up with this new model. It is inspired in the colors of the worldwide football cup that is happening right now. There will be only one way to acquire this skin, which is accomplishing one specific challenge. Stay tuned to find out how to win this special model.

Windrider: the Spirit of Vengeance will have the color of the greatest football champion of all time: Brazil. This Metal Legend skin will bring some fun and irreverence to the arena, just like the green and yellow squad. To acquire this one, the cost is 1.150 of Cash or 10.000 of Fame.

Rampage: this tough guy will receive the colors of Russia, the country known for hosting the football event this year and for the champions of the HMM European Championship! To acquire this one, the cost is 1.150 of Cash or 10.000 of Fame.

Clunker: the tow brothers will represent France. They will carry the colors of the Fleur-de-Lis nation. I bet Clunker will be a goalkeeper — did you see the size of that hand? To acquire this one, the cost is 1.150 of Cash or 10.000 of Fame.

Stingray: the rebel will rock with the Polski colors. You might know that HMM is also in Polish, right? We now have a special skin for that nation too! To acquire this one, the cost is 1.150 of Cash or 10.000 of Fame.


XP event: during the entire event, we’ll have 50% more XP for you, but only from 1 pm to 11 pm (CEST) of each day. On the opening day (June 14th) and the last two days (July 14th and 15th), we’ll give 50% more Fame as well. It’s time to boost your account!

Group event: This is the one everyone will run for! This event is about playing in group for 15 casual matches, from the 19th to the 25th of June. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, and custom matches do not count. This is how players will get the new skins of Wildfire. Those who accomplish this goal will receive the special model until the 28th of June.

Community Event: This is a teamwork event! It goes from the 26th of June to 2nd of July. The whole community has to play and score 25.000 bomb deliveries. If this goal is accomplished, we will have one special community night, and we’ll show an exclusive layout of the new character, sketches, wallpapers of the event for PC and Mobile, and also an interview with two artists about how the character was made!

Excited? We believe so! Now, let’s get it rolling. Invite your friends to download Heavy Metal Machines, create a team and play hard!