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New machine concept: Sharecropper.
Description: A "self healing" intercepting support that can deal large amounts of damage while healing himself.
Pilot's appearance: A healthy old farmer with overalls and a straw hat.
Machine's appearance: A combine harvester with two unloading augers instead of one.
Lore: The clunker bros' grandfather who loves to grow plants and food enters the arena to support his grandchildren for the annual clunker family reunion.
Passive: Harvest. When he kills an enemy, the standard death animation doesn't play. Instead he grinds them up in his blades and the augers spew out the machine parts. When this happens he gets repaired.
Q: Seed bomb. Lobs a green projectile at enemies dealing low damage and growing crops to heal himself with.
W: Vine whip. Two vines grow from the machine and whip enemies pushing them aside.
E: Chlorophyll. Accelerates forward releasing a sweet scent from his augers healing allies and himself.
R: Seeds of doom. Leaves a trail of seeds which grow into a plant monster which tangles enemies and instantly kills them.  

Sharecropper pilot..jpg

Sharecropper machine..jpg

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