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When inner demons come to life!

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New machine concept: El Diabla.
Description: A fire based transporter that rivals Wildfire.
Pilot's appearance: A demon girl with large horns and a gauntlet on her right arm.
Machine's appearance: Something like this with hellfire surrounding it.
Lore: Born inside a volcano outside of Metal City lives a demon who was rejected by the Sect for being too mistrusting towards them. She enters the arena to kill Metal Herald for stripping the power away from her.
Passive: Demon's curse. Upon landing a hit on an enemy with her weapons causes a curse to be planted on them which only can be removed when she gets killed.
Q: Black Fire. A stream of black fire spews out from the front of her machine dealing low damage. (The longer the Q key is held down the longer the stream goes)
W: Fire Wall. Summons hellfire up from the ground which shields her machine from enemy attacks and curses them when their projectiles hit them.
E: Burnout: Diabla holds the break pedal down as she surges forward without moving which creates smoke that blinds enemies.
R: The number of the beast. Diabla's machine surrounds itself with fire and becomes invincible for 10s burning and cursing enemies that touch her. 

El Diabla pilot..png


El diabla machine..jpg

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