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  1. I want to share my opinion aswell. I have around 60 hours in the game now and I really liked the game so far. But, I have to agree with Hiden, the one who is leader of CW clan but lost to my clan ghehe. - game of 45 minutes which was the best game ever. Anyways, that was not what I wanted to say right here. The game is now totally chaos and feels more like a (good) internet browser game. It feels a bit like spamming abilities where no skill is needed. Of course, thats not totally the truth but the 'normal' version was based on nice teamwork, sometimes escaping with 10 hp left etc etc. Now its a mess. The ' focus guys / let's do this' factor has gone. I think Hiden wrote down all specs pretty clear in my opinion and I won't write down my opinion that specific but I want to say right here that the game how it is right now is no fun anymore and makes me quit (if it stays like this). So.... what I wanted to say: I agree with Hiden. Longer games are (more) intense but are usually the best ones! Oh, and last thing, something positive --> the community and game designers are awesome! They are trying to listen to the whole community which is fucking awesome and needs to be told to them aswell Oh and I forgot 1 little point I also want to mention: for me Artificer feels like a interceptor right now. All his abilities are damage-based. Yes, his Q can heal awell but thats the only thing he's doing as 'support'. His passive is also supportive but that feels not like actually playing support. It's more that u are doing some support work with your passive and for the rest of your abilities you are trying to take down enemies (thats how I feel it ).
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