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  1. Hi, I've just reached Lv9, it unlocked the Fame medal but I didn't recieved 1250 fame as expected.... I've taken a look to the support, but really have I to do all those things just to ask for this issue? Thx all
  2. Hi all, I've started play this game 3 days ago and I have some easy fixes to ask. The first is about server stability, approx every 15-20 minutes I have to exit game and restart due to increasing lags/disconnection The second is about quests: the first day I had 3 quests to do, now one only. should be really appreciated if there were many more quests to do. The third thing is about controller: can be controller used to navigate too, instead of use mouse during lobby time and controller to play only? Last thing: not sure of that, but it seems some fame points aren't correctly earned. I had this impression and many other steam players had it too. can U verify it pls? THX all
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