North American Ultimate Challenge

Join the community tournaments, specially created for the North American server. It’s time to bring the competition to a new level and start training for the next Metal League season.

This competition is for free agents, and only players who live in North America will be allowed to take part. We’ll spread those who participate in 4 divisions, based on the place they live: West, Central, East, and South.

It’ll be 2 weekends of tournaments with different prizes to compete. The first day the teams assembled will fight by themselves, and after this, each Community Manager will be responsible for training the teams through the week in each region they live in. After learning all the strategies, they will get the chance to battle against each other one more time on the second weekend, now with more prizes at stake.

June 23th at 1:00 pm CDT

  • 1st place – All pilots
  • 2nd place – 2000 Fame
  • 3rd place – 1500 Fame


June 30th at 1:00 pm CDT

  • 1st place – Heavy Metal model
  • 2nd place – One pilot
  • 3rd place – 2000 Fame


Follow this link and subscribe for the North American Ultimate Challenge. It’s time to highlight the North American Metal Gladiators in Heavy Metal Machines!