HMM LIVESTREAMS: Now with fixed times and for more languages!

Have you noticed that Heavy Metal Machines has more live streams than ever?


In a way to attend more players from more countries, our Community Managers are making broadcasting the game in their own languages.

This idea emerged because the live streams are the best moment for a player to learn more and ask questions about the game, besides playing with the CM’s and maybe get some SPOILERS from them (but it’s a secret, ok? I would never say that Chancellor loves to spoil)!


Take notes of our live streams schedule here:

  • On Tuesdays: Poland at 7 PM CEST and North America at 7 PM CDT.
  • On Wednesdays: Russia at 8 PM GMT +3 and Brazil at 4 PM or 8 PM BRT.
  • On Thursdays: France at 7 PM CEST and Europe at 9 PM CEST.

In Brazil is a specific case, we alternate the live streams with Didigos from LineSports. In a week Chancellor presents at 4 PM, and other week Didigos presents at 8 PM. Ok? In case of doubt, just check our weekly announcements of lives.

Want to know where our live streams are broadcast? Follow one of these links and choose your preferred channel to watch us:





Follow us and stay tuned on our schedule not to miss any of our lives.


See you in the arena!