Patch Notes (07/06/18) – Beta

On today’s update, we have general fixes and the brand new bomb pass. This pass comes to change the gameplay and improve the competitiveness. Let’s begin with the new feature:

  • New bomb pass

      • How it works:

    As the player holds the grab/release button for a short time, the vehicle enters a charge state. The longer the button is held, the stronger will be the pass. By releasing the button or reaching the maximum time of charge, the bomb will be thrown forward. See the new mechanic in this sample:

During a forward shot to the goal, the game enters in slow motion mode. Also, while charging the pass, all the weapons of the carrier can’t be activated.

Devs’ notes: “The main idea behind this new mechanic is to add a better method to throw the bomb away, score a goal or pass to allies.”

  • General

    • Respawn: After respawning the player stays intangible for 1 second
    • Bomb: Carrying and throwing the bomb in the regular way (just by quickly tapping the grab/release button) is heavier now.
    • Character: Killer J has been fixed and its passive doesn’t charge the special weapon anymore
  • Arenas

    • General: all the arenas are available for level 1 players
    • Cursed Necropolis: Final turn before the goal line was changed. A new turn was inserted after the treadmills.
  • New Character Rotation

    • Now, the characters rotation will be divided into rookies (level 1-3) and veterans (level 4-30).
    • Characters for level 1-3: Artificer, Wildfire, Stingray, Clunker, Windrider and Metal Herald.
    • Characters for level 4-30: Artificer, Wildfire, Stingray, Dirt Devil, Little Monster and Killer J.