Patch Notes beta. – 11.01.2018


  • The level requirement to play in the Metal God Arena has been removed
    • Every player has a 50% chance to play on Metal God Arena and Temple of Sacrifice, no matter their level.

Dev Notes: At the beginning, we believed that the Temple of Sacrifice was the more suitable arena for the new players. However, after analyzing the data, we realized that the best thing is the constant variation between the two arenas.

  • Interface’s performance improvements
    • 11% average improvement of FPS on low-performance machines.

Dev Notes: We’ve made a lot of performance tests to find out which points we must solve first. After these tests, we realized that our tool used to develop the game’s interface was causing performance problems. For that reason, we’ve made a lot of code improvements in order to get a better FPS during the matches. This is a small step for what we want as a final result, but also is a path that now we know we have to follow.

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