HMM Starter Pack: start off on the right foot!

If you wanna start your Heavy Metal Machines experience on the right foot, nothing better than a little help to make you get faster to the veteran players level. With the HMM Starter Pack, you unlock three characters, got a Rockstar skin for each one of them and can level up faster with boosters for a month!

The pilots

The three unlocked characters with the HMM Starter Pack are: Full Metal Judge (Transporter), Photon (Support), and Clunker (Interceptor). All can be purchased in-game with Fame, but it takes a considerable time to collect the amount needed to buy all three.

The skins

To show to everybody that you came to be remarkable, nothing better than getting Rockstar skins since the beginning. With the “Get Sunny” (Photon), “Rust in Pieces” (Clunker) e a “Metal Judgement” (Full Metal Judge) you can show to the other rookies that you are a big deal and gain the veterans respect quickly. Check the models out:


Finally, one of the main advantages of the HMM Starter Pack is the XP booster and Fame booster for 31 days. This way, you are even better rewarded after each match of yours and can level up quickly to unlock other pilots and get more Fame to buy skins and increase your collection.

What are you waiting for? Get the HMM Starter Pack right now and step on the gas to be a legend since the beginning.

Download Heavy Metal Machines right now. It’s free!