Get all Metallophobia skins at once

The Heavy Metal Machines’ Metallophobia event has introduced four new skins that are available until November 30, being part of the “Heavy Metal” tier, which has already got a community buzz. Now you can get all these models at once and with a special price. This is your chance to get the skins that, besides changing your appearance, also change the visual effects of your skills.

HMM Metallophobia Pack

The HMM Metallophobia Pack is a DLC (downloadable content) created exclusively for the Halloween event which contains four limited edition “Heavy Metal” tier skins for just US$ 24.99.

heavy metal machines

Do I need the pilots to buy their skins?

To buy the skins you don’t need their characters, but to use them you do. For this reason, you can normally purchase them now while taking the opportunity of this amazing special promo, and then buy the machines later or wait for the free rotation.

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