Leaderboard: earn prizes by playing Heavy Metal Machines

How about getting mouses, headsets and video boards just by playing Heavy Metal Machines? With the Leaderboard, everyone can get it! You just need to do one thing: help your team to deliver bombs. Interested? Start competing right now!

Understanding phases and seasons

On the Leaderboard, the time is counting by phases and seasons. Basically, a phase is a period covered by a Friday and the Friday of the following week. Meanwhile, the season is a group of four phases.

It’s worth to remember that a season not necessarily follows a real month of the year, but actually the combination of four phases. On the Leaderboard website, you can check all phases and season’s schedule.


The Leaderboard’s objective is the same of the game itself: help your team to deliver bombs. The score is counting the number of bombs that your team has delivered on Casual Matches that you have played – with you being the one who delivered or not. Custom Matches are not applicable.

We used to have other ways to score in the past, but now we realize that this is the fairest model that doesn’t profit any specific class/character. The most devoted and best team player wins.

If two or more players are tied, other criterions are used: who had fewer bombs dropped (losing the possession by dying or driving in a dropper) and time of bomb’s possession.


The Leaderboard’s prizes are different for phase winners and season winners. Who wins the phase gets Fame (currently, the prize is 5,000 Fame), and who wins the season can get gaming prizes as mouses, keyboard, headphones and even NVIDIA video boards!

What do I need to play well for Leaderboard?

This isn’t a secret: play a lot of Heavy Metal Machines and focus on the game’s objective. Doesn’t matter if you play as Support, Transporter or Interceptor, the game’s goal is to deliver the highest number of bombs and act together with your team. For that reason, train a lot and try to play with your friends to have a better synchrony at the arena.

The partial results and the Leaderboard’s Hall of Fame can be checked on the official website. Good luck!

Play Heavy Metal Machines right now!