Clunker Bros: the hardworking-drunk brothers

The Clunker Bros, Billy and Rufus, are the only surviving members of the Clunker clan. Their family had lived in the outskirts of Metal City for many years until they were attacked by bandits and raiders. Most of their family perished, but the Clunker Brothers have escaped, vowing to return and reclaim their home.

With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, the Clunkers have set up a scrapyard at Scrap Marsh, with the plan of selling scrap and junk to the Arena drivers in order to make money. Eventually, the older brother Rufus realized they could get money and scraps in the Arena itself, and so the Clunkers have equipped their tow truck with a giant magnet. But they needed more money, as well as a sponsorship to start off, and no one better than Fita Lord, a patroness of Metal City, for doing so.

When they first showed up, they were treated as the joke of the entire city. Now…they’re still the target of everyone’s jokes. Nobody can deny it though — that magnet is very fun to watch in action!