Wildfire: the blacksmith who became a champion

There are those who seek to make the world a safer place, striving to improve it for everyone around them. Others who just want to watch the world burn. Wildfire falls in the latter group. Raised by the famed scientist Artificer, Wildfire learned how to work with machines from a young age.

Wildfire was the favored ‘daughter’ of the old scientist, though as she grew, their philosophies began to conflict, creating tension between Artificer and Wildfire. As a pacifist, Artificer curtailed much of Wildfire’s most dangerous impulses, including her love for fire. However, one fateful day, Wildfire was attacked while working in the forge and was forced to fight to defend herself, burning her hands severely in the process, while at the same time causing a break in her psyche.

When her mentor, Artificer, was branded a heretic by the Sect of Metal, Wildfire packed up her things and hit the road. She started racing in the arena to feed her love of fire and burning, causing lots of damage to all her opponents and leaving the smell of burnt rubber and scorched metal behind her. Taking pride in her skills as a blacksmith, Wildfire never stopped working on making her machine better and more powerful.