Learning more about the Heavy Metal Machines organizations

In the Metal City’s history, there are a lot of different organizations who helped to build the society as we know today. With different ideologies, some of them make a good contrast about what to believe and how to see life after the apocalypse. Wanna learn more? Check it out:

Metal Sect

Is the biggest organization and the most powerful. Works like a religion who pray for the “Metal God”, the God who saved the humanity from the apocalypse with the help of the holy chords of Heavy Metal. Their leader on Earth is Metal Herald and Full Metal Judge acts as his right arm. Those who dare to defy them are hunted and converted to their true.

Known members: Metal Herald, Full Metal Judge, and Jebediah Smith

Sand Pirates

The Sand Pirates live in the Wastes and hunts the big worm called “Dirt Devil”. Their captain, whose name is Dirt Devil too because the monster took his arm and eye, leads them to plunder and other gangs who dare to walk alone around the Sand Seas.

Known members: Dirt Devil and Fat Johnny


The Underdogs are the resistance of Metal City. They believe in the power of tech and in the end of the Metal Sect’s control. Stingray is their leader, but he often gets help from other people who don’t like the tyranny of Metal Herald and his followers.

Members: Known members: Stingray and Lens

Killer J Cult

Not everyone knows, but there’s a clown cult in Metal City. In fact, Killer J is one of the members, and all participants have a different clown name after the baptism. But their purpose and values are still unknown for the most part of the population.

Known members: Killer J

Other characters

There are other pilots who don’t belong to any of this organizations. Some are mysterious (like Black Lotus), and other are just lonely (like Artificer). They eventually can get close to one of these groups but don’t act as a real member.

Stay tuned in for more content about the Heavy Metal Machines history!

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