How to welcome the new players into Heavy Metal Machines?

We are about to start a new season in Metal City. For this upcoming event, we will receive visits. A LOT of new players will come along into Heavy Metal Machines. We want them to have an amazing experience in the arena just like you all had. Thinking of the moment that is to come, we will guide you on how to welcome new players.

Heavy Metal Machines is a car-combat MOBA and it will attract players from many niches: classic MOBAs, racing, or even MMOs. Even though the games are different, all the players will recognize they’re being welcomed into our community — and we know our family is very welcoming! Check out these 3 easy steps to be a good host:

1 – Welcome everyone

Remember when you just arrived. Maybe there wasn’t anyone to guide you through or welcome you. Probably, that would have been good for your first experience. Now, be the kind player! If you find new players during a match, welcome them, make them feel free to try and fail. This is the time the visit has to feel safe in the place. Don’t forget to invite him or her to our Discord channel, and, why not, add this person on Steam.

2 – Make yourself at home

Now it is time to say “make yourself at home!”

You have already helped the new players to join the community. Now, help them through the first couple of matches. You’ll see… In “no time”, the new players will be inviting everybody else to play. If this person expresses toxic behavior, just talk about how we make a healthy and inclusive community. We are sure he or she will notice the good vibe and stay!

3 – See them fly

You’ve been amazing. Helped new players and now don’t know what else to do. Easy: encourage them to team-up with friends. If you already have a team, why not challenge the not-so-new-player-anymore to a great match? You will feel very proud of helping and seeing the good flow in our community.


Have any other tips to welcome new player? Drop us a line!