The Spectator mode is live!


What’s up, Metal Gladiators? This is Sath and today I’m gonna talk about the feature we launched recently: The Spectator Mode!


With this new feature, everyone will be able to spectate matches on Casual and Metal League queues. That’s pretty awesome, huh?! You can use it to see your friends play at any moment, as well as you can see the best players on the Metal League matches! I particularly like this last one, because these teams are making some insane moves there, trust me.

And besides watching matches, you can see everything with a different perspective: you can zoom-in and zoom-out the camera, which means you can have a far view of the arena and see everything happening in different places, and also a close look of every model in the match. And of course, you can choose who you want to spectate.

You can zoom-in the camera pressing [Q] and [W] keys.
Zoom-out the camera pressing [R] key. The [E] key will return the camera to the default position.

“But..why would I want it Sath?”

Hey, you can use the spectator the way you want: To create videos about HMM matches, to record some crazy moves for your video, to make fun of your friend’s match, to livestream HMM matches. You can even ask your uncle/cousin/neighbor – that’s also a video producer – to record your match and make a video for you. If you do so, post it on the comments, we’ll love it!

Fixed cameras can be viewed by pressing [I], [K], [O], [L] and [P] keys.

Last but not least, you also choose a very important thing: the region of the matches that you want to see. There are filters on the Spectator Mode menu, for both region and queue. That means you can see the best players from any region – as long as they are on the Casual or Metal League queues.

Spectator Mode Lobby. Choose the who you want to spectate!


And that’s all! I hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think about the Spectator Mode on the comments.

– Sath