Heavy Metal Machines’ Background Story (Lore Compilation)

What’s up, Metal Gladiators?


Maybe you turned into a Metal Gladiator recently, or maybe you just want to check if you read all the lore posts we published before. In both cases, enjoy having all the posts linked in only one to get it more comfortable.

From time to time, we’ve been revealing the stories about places, characters, and much more things in this insane post-apocalyptic world.

From the organizations that exist in Metal City to characters stories, use this post to guide you through our blog posts with these remarkable stories. Just pick a theme and have a good reading!


Learning more about the Heavy Metal Machines organizations

Tales of Metal City – Chapter 1: The Apocalypse

Learning more about the characters’ friendships

On their own: learn more about the lone wolves of HMM

The stage is set: Learn more about the Arenas of Heavy Metal Machines

The Cursed Necropolis – An Illustrated Story

Rampage: the brilliant engineer who became the worst nightmare in Metal City

Dirt Devil: The mercenary from the desert

Full Metal Judge: Metal City’s ultimate law

Clunker Bros: the hardworking-drunk brothers

Wildfire: the blacksmith who became a champion

Stingray: the rebel who became a leader

Artificer: the immortal scientist

Sect of Metal: the rulers of Metal City

Little Monster: The champion’s child

Photon: the explorer of the light

Stargazer: the stronghold from space

Killer J: The crazy clown

After all, who is Black Lotus?

Metal Herald, the Dark Pope!

Peacemaker – The Bringer of War


After reading all of this, I hope to see you in the arenas!