Patch Notes (30/05/2019) – Version 4.00.1219

Hello, Metal Gladiators


A new patch is live, making a few adjustments, and fixing a bug.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where players could have an advantage by holding the Grabber upon rebuilding, canceling the slow effect debuff.




  • Weapon 3 description
    • Last weeks update changed the behavior of this weapon, and now the descriptions have been adjusted to the new version.


  • Changed the behavior of the feature, so that now, when matches are still in the Pick stage, they can’t be watched until the players are inside of the arena.


Known issues

We are aiming to fix other major gameplay issues during the next weeks. Here are some fixes we are working on:

  • Peacemaker’s Metal League portrait description needs to be adjusted, as it currently worded as if it was the 4th season of the Metal League, instead of the Metal Pass.
  • Spectator message does not warn users that it’s not possible to watch matches while they are on the Pick stage


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