Patch Notes (21/06/18) – Beta

We have good news for those who have a “different” keyboard. In some places, the model is not the “QWERTY” and it was hard for them to configure and play Heavy Metal Machines. Now, HMM will identify if the player’s keyboard layout and automatically set the controllers accordingly. In France, for example, instead of Q, W, E, and R, they have A, Z, E, and R.

For gameplay and balancing, below you can see the changes on Rampage:

  • Weapon 1

    • Total damage reduced by 50
  • Weapon 2

    • Weapon doesn’t go through walls anymore
    • Reduced the time that the enemy hit will drift from 1 second to 0,5 second.
  • Special Weapon

    • External area damage reduced from 200 to 100.

As for bug fixes, one major issue was corrected with the bomb grab:

  • Bomb disputes were disarming players, which means they couldn’t grab the bomb while using weapon 3 (nitro), for example. Now, it is fixed, and players will be able to grab it. The forward pass keeps disarming.