The 5 best characters to start playing Heavy Metal Machines

We wanna make our best to help new players have fun in Heavy Metal Machines. The Instructor tool was made for that. It is an extension of the training, which will serve as a tutorial during one real match. Last week, the Instructor feature received a big upgrade. Now, 5 characters have this mode, and we want to list them here so you can choose the best to start playing Heavy Metal Machines.



Wildfire provides one of the most exciting thrills in Heavy Metal Machines. Her newly updated Hot Rod has many strengths to deal damage. She is one of our definitives tips for new players. Focused on destruction, Wildfire gives the best visual feedback and satisfaction, because all of her weapons are more than able to perform killing streaks.



This crazy hag is the ultimate healer. Artificer is the easiest support to start with. Her drone is capable of shooting a ray that heals allies and kills enemies, one thunderstorm that destroy in area and a special weapon that protects the bomb carrier and repels opponents out of the path. You’ve gotta be fast to stay alive, but try your best and be close to your teammates: Artificer heals every partner nearby, the whole time.



The Metal City’s vengeance spirit is a great call for a support/disruption character. Windrider is capable of speeding around, push or block the enemies, repair the allies and deal some damage. As a starter, this car will take you to the next level and challenge your skills, but we guarantee: it’s gonna be worth every minute.



Likewise Wildfire, Stingray is a high-tech destruction character. All his weapons demand good aim. You must calculate the time and point your vehicle to the right direction in order to hit the enemies with lasers. The Instructor will help you to make the right moves at the right time.



This one has the highest level of challenge for a starter. If you wanna go straight to the top, play Clunker. The Clunker Brothers are 2 electric guys causing massive disruption with a magnetic car. Their strongest quality is a magnet that attaches to enemies and tow them around. This is a very effective weapon to bring the opposing bomb carrier down.


Now you have our tips. It’s time to try them in the arena. Choose one of these characters and make the best of them to upgrade your account and win prizes in community championships or Leaderboards.