Patch Notes beta. – 18/01/2018


  • Added feedback for when the player is experiencing connection issues
    • The feedback will be displayed whenever the following information is not loaded:
      • Daily Missions
      • News Window
      • Teams Tool
      • Player’s Cash and Fame values


Automatic Training

  • Training will be automatically initiated for all new players
    • It is possible to exit the training at any time by selecting the option in the ESC menu
    • Some texts have been altered, with the goal of improving new players’ initial experience
    • Upon exiting or finishing training for the first time, a window will pop-up and offer the player to look for a match
    • Added a loading status bar in the training loading screen


Developer Notes: We’ve decided to do it this way so we can ensure that the new player learns the primary functions of the game and how it operates as a whole. This way, the chances for the player to have a better experience in their first match are considerably larger.


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