How to use the Team Voice Chat in Heavy Metal Machines

Pilots, radio check… over.📡

Roger that, Hotel Mike Mike.📡

There is a way to improve your experience in Heavy Metal Machines: Through the team voice chat. Sometimes you can’t stop to type a message, so speak it out! Let me show you how it works:

Step 1:

If you join the casual match queue with a party, you can start talking right on the main menu!

Step 2:

Once the match starts, this little message will pop in the bottom-left area of the screen:

Step 3:

Press the F button to activate the chat and start speaking to your team to define a strategy. It will surely improve your experience since the veterans will be able to help new players.


Just two little things more: you can reconfigure the voice chat in the audio options menu, and, if you’re only with bots in the game, the voice chat won’t be available. Let’s try the team voice chat now? Call your friends for a match and start using this tool to create and execute your own strategies! You can also join our Discord channel and find custom matches, friends and, maybe, the love of your life 😍:


Hotel Mike Mike over and out 📡