Patch Notes beta. – 15/05/2018

On today’s update, the Heavy Metal Machines receives upgrades on the instructor and interface — this one suggested by the community. Now, the players can switch to on or off the visual feedback of opponents and allies names above each machine.

    • (Suggestion from the community) Option to switch on/off the name of the players in the interface (the default setting is off).
    • The game is now fully available in Polish
    • Now it is possible to switch on/off the Instructor during the match.
    • Visual upgrades on minimaps, in all arenas.
      • Metal God Arena

      • Temple of Sacrifice

      • Cursed Necropolis


Instructor V2

The objective of the Instructor V2 is to remove the automatic selection of Wildfire. Now, the first tutorial is no more mandatory. In order to supply with useful information, the Instructor will be available with five characters:

  • Wildfire
  • Stingray
  • Artificer
  • Windrider
  • Clunker

In order to have better control of the results from the Instructor, we’ve added a new system of rotation, separated in new players and veterans:

  • For the new players, the rotation will contain the characters mentioned above.
  • The rotation changes to veteran when the player reaches level 3.
  • The veteran’s rotation keeps all the characters available.


Known Issues
  • Instructor says “lava” instead of “acid”.