Patch Notes (06/08/2019) – Version 5.00.1338

Hello, Metal Gladiators

A new patch has been released today, bringing some improvements about the Ranked Mode interface, as well as some bug fixes.


  • A Rockaway Beach skin has been added to the Bomb.

Ranked Mode

  • The main menu button “Ranking” was replaced by “Ranked” button, which opens the Ranked Mode menu.
  • A region filter has been added to the Schedule menu, so now everyone can see the times that the Ranked Mode will be available in each region.

Bug fixes

  • Stargazer

    • While attached to an ally, the damage received wasn’t removing Stargazer’s Special Weapon energy.
    • Fixed a bug where Stargazer’s aim was appearing at the center of the arena and could be seen by the enemy team.
  • Vulture

    • In some cases, the weapon 3 wasn’t causing damage and consuming the marks.
  • General
    • Fixed the category of Artificer’s “Arctic Ops” model from Idol to Rockstar.
    • Fixed an issue with the Ranked Mode schedule interface on English language.
    • Fixed an issue with the match pause option that was allowing players from enemy team to unpause before 30s.
    • Fixed an issue that was displaying the wrong Ranked emblem at the end of the matches.
    • Fixed an issue that was improperly applying the queue penalty (unable to join the queue for 3 minutes) in certain situations.