A New Friends System is coming!

What’s up, everyone! This is Sath, HMM’s Product Supervisor, and today I’m gonna talk about an update that’s on the way to Heavy Metal Machines: The New Friends System! This feature will improve your experience to manage your contacts, as well as changing how nicknames are created. Let’s go through it!

When the new system comes out, all players will need to create a definitive nickname and choose an Avatar image. Everyone will receive 19 different Avatars that can be changed at any time in your inventory – I’m particularly interested in that lovely Fugu *_*

HMM Friends System interface
The final version may look slightly different.

The new system will no longer require players to be Steam friends in order to form groups and join teams, which is a huge improvement in itself. It’ll also be easier to add new friends, as every single player will have a unique PlayerTag that can be shared with other players on their friends’ list.

Last but not least, it will also be possible to check the profile of each friend on the list, which includes their current level, ranked division, total matches, most used roles, and machines. Pretty cool, huh?!

Profile interface HMM
The final version may look slightly different.

The new Friends system update is expected to arrive in the game by early December 2019.

I hope you all enjoy it — please share your thoughts with us on our Discord Channel.



Q: When will it be launched?

A: Expected to launch by early December 2019.


Q: Can I change my nickname?

A: After choosing a nickname, you won’t be able to change it. We’re already planning to include this option in the future.


Q: Can different players use the same nickname?

A: Yes. However, the PlayerTag ID is unique for every player, and it will differentiate one from the other.


Q: Will you add different avatars in the future?

A: Yes, we’re also planning to include new avatars in the store.


Q: How do I change my Avatar?

A: All players will receive 19 standard avatars, and it can be changed in the inventory.


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