How to communicate in Heavy Metal Machines

To be successful in Heavy Metal Machines, communication is a key point for every player who wants to win. It’s a team game, so you have to be synchronized with your team to make the right moves and complete the objective of delivering the bomb. But, if you’re new, maybe you are unaware of how to talk in an HMM’s match. Wanna learn some tips? Check it out!

Chatting with your team

Chatting with your team is the easiest part of communication. You just have to press “Enter” and write your message. This function works in the pick screen and during the match. Remember to use this to set your strategy and make the team adjustments needed to win.

Chatting with all players from the match

If you wanna chat with all the players who are playing with you, the command is a little bit different. Press “Shift+Enter” and write your message. The difference between the ally chat and match chat will be marked with a tag [Allies] or [All] on the side of your message.

Quick messages

There’s a third option of how you can communicate during a match: the quick messages. They’re shortcuts for saying specific in-game messages and save you time to focus on the action. You just have to press and hold the “Alt” button and click with your mouse on the message that you want to send. Even your pilot will say this phrase out loud, being customized for each character. Check out the options:

  • Protect the bomb

  • Amazing!

  • I’m on my away

  • Thanks!

  • Don’t count on me

  • Good luck!

  • Give me the bomb!

  • My bad…

These are the main ways to talk with your friends in Heavy Metal Machines. You can use other programs/apps if you want to, of course! But remember: the key to effective communication is respect. So talk with them to get a better chance to win matches and talk to us if you come across a toxic player.

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