The Metal Christmas has arrived!

The Christmas has just arrived in Metal City. As you can see in our Patch Notes, the update of this week has a lot of holidays features to customize your Heavy Metal Machines experience. Check all the news out and start to play right now!


The Christmas bomb was chosen by a community voting of three different holidays concept arts. In the end, the snowman’s head shape was the big winner, as you can see in the picture below:


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Temple of Sacrifice

The Temple of Sacrifice arena also got a new visual to celebrate the holiday’s spirit. The decoration is basically everywhere, and you can see a big Christmas tree right after the starting line as well as the Krampus crusher at the delivery point. Check out some pictures of it:


Do you like it? The Christmas event is available for a limited period starting on 21.12.2017 until 04.01.2018, so enjoy while there’s still time!

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