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Last updated 8 years ago

How do I get this game?
Heavy Metal Machines is available on Steam. You must download the platform to your computer in order to play. To do so, you just need to access this link:
In the upper-right edge, click on “Install Steam” and just follow the instructions.

After installing the platform, you can type Heavy Metal Machines on the search field to download the game for free.

What’s the current game's size?
The total size, right now, is 7.5GB, but it may increase after each update. This number will change according to the addition of content and optimization.

Ok, the game is downloaded! Now I can play whenever I want?
YES! You just have to open the game on Steam and enter the queue.

I’m playing! Is it ok to take screenshots, record videos, streams and spread the news about the METAL?
You certainly can, pilot! No fuss or secret agreements. You can speak, record, print, live stream and whatever else you’d like to do to promote the game. We appreciate it!

What can be bought with real money, inside the game? There won’t be any pay-to-win, will there?
Nope! NO pay-to-win! We plan on selling cosmetic items (such as badass skins for the machines/cars), XP Booster for your account (that just influence account progression and not the matches) for those who have a limited time to play, narrator voices (yep, the game is narrated) and, in general, things that won’t make anyone stronger. What will really count is ABILITY AND BOLDNESS!

But, what about the Metal Pass?
Metal Pass is a system in which Heavy Metal Machines players have access to weekly challenges and amazing in-game rewards, in addition to determining your account’s progression and Fame income so you can purchase characters and models. Just in the first season, over 90 rewards are waiting for you!

Everyone participates automatically – and for free – in the Metal Pass, and upon overcoming each level, you can unlock rewards associated with it. Each step includes free rewards and, in the Premium version, special rewards themed on the season.

The Premium version guarantees you’ll receive the double amount of items per level, as well as making you progress faster through the season. It’s obtained with Cash, a currency that can be purchased in the game’s Store. Enter the game and purchase Cash now to get your Metal Pass!

Will the game have more characters/pilots?
YES! This is one of the most important things in HMM. We will release new content, such as pilots and cosmetics on every season.

How can I chat with other players during a match?
By pressing ENTER during the match, you’ll be able to communicate with your team.
And by pressing Left SHIFT + ENTER, you’ll be able to write messages to everyone inside the match.

I’ve participated on other (older) tests for Heavy Metal Machines! What happens with the items I purchased?
The money you’ve spent will remain there, don’t worry. The game has gone through a series of updates, so some models may be different or removed, but you progression won’t be changed.

How can I send critiques, questions, suggestions, and feedback to the developers?
You can provide feedback and ask questions in any of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Forum, Support, and Discord). However, we recommend that you do it on the Forum!

Ok, and how do I reach all the channels that you have?
Here’s the list of links:

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