Interview with Rumerus Bala, the Grand Champions of Metal League 7

  • 11 de March de 2020

We interviewed bardZ, captain of Rumerus Bala, the grand champions of Metal League 7. Check out their path to victory and what they have to teach!

What is the background of Rumerus Bala? How did you get to HMM and decide to build the team?
Today, the Rumerus Bala team that won the Metal League is:
bardZ (captain)

Rumerus Bala (back then was just called Rumerus) started as a team of family and friends. We all knew each other personally, and we used to play the competitions together here in my house: bardZ (me), Struckers (cousin), Ichihara (brother), Tripa Seca (friend) and Joke (friend).
Over time, we started to make more friends in the game, and we decided to create more teams, hence the need for the name BALA with RUMERUS. All the RUMERUS teams are independent teams that are part of a clan, in the best sense of the word: we consider it to be a big family. The Metal League victory was for all the RUMERUS family, and BALA just represented this amazing community. ^^

What are the things that you’ve most enjoyed in HMM that have kept you playing?
The community, and the Community Championships from LINE, organized by DIDIGOS. HMM is no doubt the game with the most welcoming community that I know of, with welcoming veterans and responsive community managers, and problems between players are punctual, specific and usually an exception. The DIDIGOS community competitions to encourage new teams were important for us. THANKS, DIDIGOS! ^^

Rumerus Bala already demonstrated some pretty good results during the Community Championships. You were the best Brazilian team in Metal League 5 (North American) and 6 (Europe) and now the Metal League 7 champions. What would you say is the secret behind all that success?

Training the fundamentals of the game. We are used to training passes, bomb fights, goal kicks… Having control of the fundamentals of the game is our main training goal.

In your final match, you came up against Roadkill, the champions of the previous Metal League on the Brazilian server. How did you approach this match?

We always think about our opponents like this: OPPONENTS. Independently of who we face in any phase of playoffs, our focus was to deliver the best match, always studying the opponents and ourselves to get our best performance. When we discovered that we would face ROLL in the final, we just had to prepare in the best way possible.

Can you describe how you felt and what you did when your team won the competition and took the grand prize of 6 thousand reais?

We celebrated A LOT ^^ !!!!!!! I became hoarse because I screamed a lot with the scores in the second match. Penha was really happy to become the first two-time champion of the competition in South America, where they had already started by winning it all while playing with Zony Gaming (South American Championship, 2017)

What are you going to do with the prize?

Every one of us has personal plans for how to use the money, but I believe that at least one part will be to upgrade our computers!

Will we see Rumerus Bala in the next Metal League? If so, how are you going to prepare?

We’re really interested in playing the next season of the Metal League. We will keep preparing ourselves in the way we have already been doing: studying our opponents, ourselves and the fundamentals of the game.

What advice would you give to new players that are starting to play the game and want to build a competitive team?

I will separate my tips to make it a bit clearer:
Look for help from veteran players and teams
Participate in the community championships organized by DIDIGOS.
Don’t be discouraged when you lose

And that’s it! Thanks, bardZ., It’s great to get the entire Rumerus Bala story from you! Congrats on your victory!

If you’re just starting out, do as bardZ suggested and head to our Discord to talk to the veterans!

See you in the Arenas! 🤘