Weekly giveaways on METAL LEAGUE 8

  • 20 de March de 2020

Hello Metal Gladiator!


We’re getting ready for Metal League 8, which (as you know) is full of new surprises! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out our blog post here about what’s new this time!


So, to make the competition even better, we will have weekly giveaways of in-game items!


To participate, just play in the Metal League!

Each week (stage) will have a giveaway for each league, meaning that there are 4 giveaways per week!

All teams participating in the stage will be automatically entered into the draw, and the giveaway will be drawn live on the weekly livestream.


On our Portuguese speaking Livestreams, every Wednesday at 21:00 GMT 0, on our Twitch, we will make the giveaways for ML Pro and Beginner SA (South America), and on the English speaking Livestreams, which happens on Thursdays at 19:00 GMT, the giveaways for ML Pro and EU Beginner (Europe).


Check the prizes for each League and Stage:




All players on the winning team will get the item, and each player will choose an item of their choice from the giveaway category of the week, among the options available in the game Store.


If you want to participate in all giveaways, participate in all stages of the Metal League!

Remember that Metal League SA starts on April 4th, and Metal League EU starts on April 11th!


Last message: if you really want to participate and don’t have a team yet, head to our Teammates Finder, or to our Discord server, and we’ll help you out!


Sound good?

Start training now! And we’ll see you in the Arenas!!!