Scheduled Maintenance and Patch Notes 24/03/2021

  • 22 / 03 / 2021

Hello, Metal Gladiators

Maintenance is scheduled for March 24th, from 11:00 to 17:00 (UTC-0).


New Arena: Sacrifice Sanctuary

Now that the Temple of Sacrifice has gone, it’s time for a new Sanctuary to arise.

Developer Note


Our challenge here was to solve known issues from Temple of Sacrifice, which were:

  1. As the Temple of Sacrifice was quite long and horizontal, it punished players that weren’t close to the battle for the Bomb.
  2. The long course hindered opportunities to recover the Bomb and counterattack while on the defensive side.
  3. Long matches due to its considerable length.

The new Arena gives you an experience that is more fun and more dynamic, with more gameplay variations and mobility. This Arena has challenges such as driving through an area focusing on several droppers, followed by an area with Acid. Both of them are crucial for both the defending and attacking Teams’ strategies.



St. Patricks Event

New thematic items have been added to the game. They will be available until March 31st.

  • New Model: Windrider’s “Winds of Fortune”


  • New Emote: Lucky Coin


  • New Rebuilding Effect: Gold under Rainbow


  • New Kill Effect: Lucky Leprecoin

Weekly Store Offers Update

From now on, a limited set of items will be available every week for sales at the in-game Store. This set is updated every Wednesday at 06:00 am (UTC-0) with different items.

PlayStation® and Xbox

Fixed an issue with the achievement/trophy “Highway to Hell”.

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Heavy Metal Machines Team